[8-Bit Cover] Route 201 (Day) | Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

A small path through a lush, green, wooded area. The densely grown trees give off a thick aroma.

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You may do anything with these as long as you name the source of the original song and credit me as the creator of the cover version by linking to my website or one of my social media accounts (licence: CC BY 4.0).

📒 My Thoughts


This is probably the most nostalgic and favourite song in the entire DPPt soundtrack for me. Whenever I think of Sinnoh music, this one comes to my mind first. Along with the memories of the very beginning of my Pokémon journey. Time for yet another dedicated dedication: This cover is dedicated to Amarizo, who hates the Romans, I mean loves Sinnoh as much as I do, to the unknown person who my Pearl cartridge originally belonged to and to my grade 5 class mate who found this cartridge and gave it to me because Pokémon was cool at school at the time and I was among the only ones to never have played or watched Pokémon due to my mum being a staunch opponent of fideo games and especially violent video games like Pokémon. I still feel gillcup for deleting that person’s save file. I guess I’ll never know if I destroyed 10k hours of competitive breeding, a collection of rare event Pokémon and a living dex or if it was “just” some kid’s beloved casual save, which would of course have the same value to them. If you happen to live in northern Germany and have lost a Pearl cartridge about 12 years ago, let me know. But rest assured that I gave it a good home.

The Song

Those 3 little ascending notes, for example in the very beginning at 0:04 when the main melody starts, each have a length of exactly the middle between 2 and 3 ticks. Using 2 ticks sounds way too fast and 3 way too slow. Both options were unacceptable, so I thought what else I could do and came up with the idea of making the first note 2 ticks long and the second 3 ticks. That way, it starts at the perfect time, so that sounds perfect, only the middle note starts a tiny bit early but that’s not really audible and it sounds just the way it’s supposed to altogether.

It’s incredible how different and better the double-octave square wave sounds, just how the arpeggiated chords in Ice Path had a high sawtooth accompanying them. It makes them sound fuller and less muffled. Kind of similar to a 25 % pulse wave, which makes sense since it looks the same as a square wave one octave higher, only with every second thingy missing. Actually, I just compared the bare sound of those two square channels in this song with a 25 % and it really sounds almost the same. The 5 descending notes at 0:11 are 25 % and they sound exactly like the melody before consisting of 2 squares. Interesting. I guess that means this method is pointless and I didn’t create a new interesting sound but just V01 taking up 2 channels and V01 instruments sounding the same as the meant to be different V02 instruments.

There aren’t that many notes playing at the same time in this song, and since I used arpeggios for the violence chords, I had one unused VRC6 channel. So, for good measure, since the accompanying voices are either multiple pianos, multiple violences or a glockenshpeel, which of course requires a pulse V02 V02 V01 envelope, I used the sawtooth channel for a quiet little P7F dual channel “echo”, this time with a longer delay of an eigth note instead of a sixteenth note as I sometimes did, making it less of an audible repitition and more of a nice reverb that adds volume (as in space). Edit: Thanks for 1 bot comment. I mean, after addint the other channels, it’s nearly indistinguishable compared to without the sawtooth channel, but that also means that dual channel echoes are not necessary anymore and my stuff sounds good enough without having to be carried by one.

In the original, there is another… one of the aforementioned 3 ascending notes at 0:19 in addition to the slow 5 ascending notes but no matter what I tried, it sounded bad in my version. Maybe because there is no stereo and therefore no way to separate them enough. So I removed them. Which sounds even better than the original, I think. It emphasises the 5 notes’s’s rhythm and it somehow also makes the 5th note (the one that starts the next part) sound a little more delicate and quiet, maybe because of the fade-in envelope, but I really like that. Maybe I should have strengthened that effect manually and it would of been even be’ah, graet.

The most frustrating thing was the middle part, the clarinet one, from 0:11 to 0:20. Making it was no problem and it didn’t sound bad, but when I listened to the entire song, there was an extremely sharp contrast when that part began. The main voice, the 12.5 % wave, sounded very muffled and strange compared to the previous part. It wasn’t really noticeable when the song had played a bit further or when that part was played exclusively, it was only very noticeable when playing the entire song, exactly when the part before was transitioning into the clarinet part, the first note mainly. I spent hours trying to fix this, I tried Pxx stuff in all kinds of channels, I muted channels, I played all possible combinations of channels together to see what causes this, but I couldn’t find anything. My first thought was that it was simply the 12.5 % wave coming right after a broad square wave but it had the same muffled quality to it when I changed it to a square as well. Eventually, when I was about to murder everyone in the room and then myself because this otherwise incredible cover that I’d been proud of so far seemed to have been ruined by this sound that I just can’t get rid of, I became a lumberjack and added a sawtooth note in the first line which seemed to be the worst note. And that was the first thing that made a difference. Oh, the blunt sound, what difference it made! It made the muffler nearly completely not there. It’s still there a little, but that is now probably really just the 12.5 %. Edith: I just changed it to 25 (because that’s what the double 50s sound like) and it’s still there at the first note, but not as much as before, and only when I start playing at the part before, not when I start at that part. I really wonder what causes this. Maybe I should consult a professional. But what is conversing with other human beings.

Another thing I’d like to mention is the long D at 0:19 that is short in the original like all the other notes. When I “played” Route 201 on my keyboard, I always played that note longly and I absolutely love how that sounds. The little fibrato in the 8-bit version adds to it. I hope you enjoy this change as much as I do.

Another thing I’d like to mention is the short annoying fruit fly constantly flying in front of my face right now and that just landed in my right nostril. I hope I didn’t scare or injure it when I reflexively and strongly breathed out. But I’ve had enough insects inside my body for a while. The night after the tick sting (sic!), I woke up in the middle of the night and suddenly couldn’t stop thinking about ticks digging under the skin of my private parts. The thought felt similar to hearing nails scratching on boards. After at least an hour, I gave up trying to get that off my mind and trying to sleep and read a book instead. I’ve really had enough trouble with the aforementioned parts in my life, I didn’t need a tick to make it worse. At least it looks like it was just a harmless suck and it didn’t transfer any sexual diseases. Though that would have been typical (is that the right way to say it in ze Englisch language?). But it’s probably only a matter of time anyway before the next partly problem arises. And even if it doesn’t, I’ll still think of the possibility and check every single second, especially at night. I might get into detail some other time. How did I get here from getting attacked by a fresh fruit fly? Good question. The art of digression. Spies always do lots of work. Back to work.

The Drawing

As you might not know from the previous description because I have not written that one yet, I pretty much gave up making “big” pixel art scenes for fideos because I’ve almost always been forcing myself to dew it and had almost no fun because I didn’t believe in myself, among other things, and making 8-bit covers has over time gotten incredibly fun and my confidence in that ability has risen while my progress in those areas regarding art has not been that much. So I wanted to just draw one Pokémon or human per fideo instead, which meant that I would be done quicker and not lose motivation because there are still 100 things to draw that could all be potentially bad, and that I would make more covers, making me have more fun and giving you more so-called content. And more fideos also means more drawings, which would mean more practice, though on smaller works, but therefore focused on Pokémon and humans instead of every possible physical thing in existânce at once. I’ll have been gotten into that topic more thoroughly in the last description. Last time (Twinleaf Town), I drew 3 Pokémon though, because drawing just 1 entity seemed too much of a quality drop and because I wanted to dedicate it to Amarizo and he loves Chimchar the most, so I couldn’t just put a Turtwig in there for his birthday. And if I have to choose one entity for each place, there might not be an opportunity to put all 3 first starter evolutions into fideos.

When it came to this fideo, the plan under the new plan was to draw a Sterly. But my perfectionism and self-doubts didn’t allow me to simply draw one entity and call that a finished fideo. The full scenerary drawing in my 8-bit fideos is after all one thing that is special about my music fideos, that makes them unique and memorable. Just dumping a bad song on the interwebs is unacceptable and low effort, I have to at least add a bad drawing to it. So I decided to try a full scene one more time and do some things differently.

First, I made a very rough sketch to get the general scenery from my head onto the canvas, which I usually don’t do. And that really helped. Not for drawing on top of it but to always have all future parts that have yet to be drawn already somehow visible instead of having an empty canvas, which made it look less bad when I just had a simple ugly ground and nothing else or just a simple row of trees and nothing else. It basically was sort of like a glimpse into the future, a future where I had this piece completed and where it’s full of stuff everywhere, a future that is already not just in my head anymore. Starting out and having something that looks bad but will look good eventually when it’s refined and, if applicabe, combined with other stuff in the scene, is really hard for me because if I don’t see good results immediately, my self-belief plummets as badly as the sales of Whizzo Butter’s crunchy raw unboned real dead crab because I don’t trust myself to be able to make it good eventually. And I’m even more afraid of that than usual when I draw something for 8-bit fideos because I have to be able to do this, otherwise I can’t publish the song and that effort would have been wasted.

I also didn’t make an SFM/Blender reference with all characters perfectly posed for the first time for a full scene. Which saves a lot of time because making that reference usually takes me quite long. I only used Bulbapedia images for the human and Pokémon and a Bob Ross image for the landscape. And of course the Mt. Rodent image from the games themselves, the one in the pre-title-screen part. With the recognisable shape.

I love the visuals in DP(Pt? haven’t played that yet). The Pokémon, the humans, the textures, the colours. I also love the high saturation of the tall grass against the pastel regular grass. It makes it look incredibly satisfying, lush, juicy and fresh. The animation when walking through it is pleasing as well. I hate tall grass with random encounters but I just love seeing and walking through the DPPt tall grass.

Drawing this was not easy and took quite some time, but surprisingly, it was not as frustrating as it usually is and it was relatively fun, sometimes more, sometimes less. I definitely had more fun than with Ice Path, Famous Five or Drenched Bluff and I also like the result more. Similar to the music, it seems that my fun and my view on the quality of what I’m working on right now depends on my mood. When I feel depressed, I also think what I’m working on is bad and I’m not at all motivated to continue. This was especially apparent in Ice Path, where I absolutely loved what I had put on the tracker so far, and then suddenly didn’t like it the next day, but liked it again after that and ever since. If only I weren’t depressed so much and if only stuff didn’t trigger my depression all the time. Like yesterday when I got another migraine, the second one since I moved and like the fourth or fifth one since I got it back this year after it was completely gone for 3 years. But it’s been managable so far, not nearly as strong and not nearly as often as in the period 3.5 years ago when I got one like every couple of days, vomiting, diarrheaing, having the urge to scrape the inside of my aching forehead out with a spoon and feeling like a pice of shice, as they say. I’m so glad that chapter is over. Though it seems it only is in the physical and waking realm. Anyway, back on topic before I lose myself in negative thoughts. This is supposed to be a happy occasion! My fwiend Lancelot has come all the ways from the Womes just to weed it!

Epilogue (Waves)

I really like how the cover turned out and the drawing is alright as well, nothing incredible of course but it’s okay, nothing is particularly ugly. And I like the colours. Not using the NES palette anymore really was a good decision and also taught me a lot because I had to think more about what colours to use instead of just picking the one acceptable colour from the palette. I think this is one of my favourite drawings now, along with Primal Dialga. I guess I should continue trying to make full scenes for the next fideo. But I’ll try not to force myself and do something simpler/different if it’s too frustrating and/or I can’t come up with a scene that I have fun making and the ability to make.

I’ve also not been streaming again because I’m afraid of people seeing that I’m bad and I’m just cheating or having luck after 100 ctrl z `s. Right now, right here, I solemnly swear that I’ll stweam me, Centuwion, when I make the next cover. Probably not the drawing because I really am still way too unconfident in that but at least the cover itself. And maybe also some fideo games since I’ve been playing again every now and then to fill up my fun, variety and interaction with friends bars.

My low belief in my abilities and my high fear of failure and especially of others seeing my failure is really rat-boggling from a neutral outside or inside perspective and of course completely unnecessary. I know that a lot of practice is needed to get good at something, I know that I have tons of practice in some areas and that I am good in some areas, some more, some less, and that “goodness” doesn’t matter, what matters is fun and improvement will come with fun and time. But my rational side knowing this doesn’t make my fears go away. Why am I like this? Have I always been like this? I think so, but not to this extent. I remember always being very afraid to raise my hand at school, even in grade 1. Because I expected to say something wrong or dumb and be widiculed by the studentry and teachery. But I still did it occasionally. And consistently regretted it. I think up until grade 3-4, when we got a certain class teacher. (I’m not sure if that term has the same meaning as in German. Here, each class (as in a group of 20-30 children) has a main teacher who is responsible for its students. In primary school (as in grade 1-4), they teach almost everything, except maybe for PE and “art”. After that, every subject is taught by a specialised teacher and the class teacher only teaches their subject(s), so they have less importance and less contact with students.)

This certain class teacher, I’ll call her Ms Chirp, seemed to pay special attention to me. In a bad way. She seemed to see me as an insufferable know-it-all and would for example ask a question that nobody knew the answer to and then say that I surely know the answer since I know everything. Or something like that, I don’t remember the exact words. I think what really triggered that was that one time in math class when we were learning about angles. Our homework was to measure all 4 angles in a bunch of pairs of 2 intersecting straight lines. We hadn’t learnt about angle sums and rules yet and I don’t think we did until after primary school. And I didn’t know about that either. But to me, it seemed logical and obvious that the angle size in degrees is the same for opposing angles of two intersecting straight lines. When we were discussing the homework results, she put the same exercises on the overhead projector and we had to raise our hands and go to the front to write our measured values down on the overhead transparency. She would then measure it herself to check. I think, I don’t remember exactly how that went, I only know that both students and Ms Chirp measured and wrote down angles. And both mostly measured and wrote down different values for opposing angles. And always measured both opposing pairs instead of only one of them since they’re the same, which is a waste of time. After we were almost done, I couldn’t hold myself back anymore, the desire to explain this to the others overpowered my fear and I raised my hand. Which turned out to be a mistake, as always, and joined my long list of experiences that taught me that me saying anything will always result in something bad, therefore I should never open my mouth. I had to go to the front and tried to explain it. Ms Chirp didn’t understand it and dismissed my “discovery”. How does a teacher who teaches geometry not know or even understand something as basic as this?

And it’s fair that she thought I was a know-it-all, I kind of am, even more so when my insecurities weren’t as strong, but I don’t mean to be condescending or anything, it’s just my perfectionism and my passion in areas that interest me. I hate maths btw, one of the worst things in existânce, and I didn’t understand anything in the later years. But I am very interested indeed in spelling and grammar, for example. Not the boring illogical rules, I hate those. I feel language. And I want it to be “correct” when I do it. Correct as in the way it feels right according to what I’ve gotten used to by reading books. But, as I already said, the rules are most illogical and arbitrary, so I completely understand and endorse if other people don’t care about “mistakes” and what is considered “correct”. I am in fact a staunch advocate for peace and new minimal but logical and above all helpful rules. To me, language is a playground and art. I love playing around with it, using words creatively, saying things like studentry which probably doesn’t exist and putting “hardware” jokes and references everywhere. But if language does not interest you, I’m not saying that you also have to view language in the same way as I do. It can simply be a tool of efficient communication to you. Like how I don’t care about and hate maths and only use it when I have to in the (for me) most simple and understandable way that gets me what I need.

And I love “nerding”, as they say, about language stuff with Amarizo. When I’m in this passionate and joking mood, I like to exaggerate my words in a very roundabout and know-it-all way, made apparent by vocal intonation, similar to the way Loriot does it, who I would dare call the German one-person version of Monty Python, although I only learnt about Loriot and the Pythons in my later years. They like to act this way in their (8-)bits to criticise people who genuinely act like they have their heads in the clouds, like they are above everyone else and like there must not be any fun and everything has to be completely serious, while at the same time participating in sketches of what is generally known as, in a manner of speaking, silliness and tomfoolery. But, just like them, I don’t actually mean to be a serious and arrogant businessperson in a suit, I hate those in fact, I just pretend to act similarly because I am of the believe it is indeed rather wisible.

So, I’ve been insecure all throughout school, only not quite as much as now, but I made countless of experiences there that worsened it. How have I bean after breakfast, I mean before school? I’m not sure. Mostly the only thing that influenced me there was my mum. And I think I’ve already covered that topic in a very roundabout way. She taught me that I have to be impossibly perfect and exactly the way she wants, otherwise I’m a failure and an utter disgrace. There was no unconditional love and no real trust. Which is why my brother and I have always lied to her a lot, because telling her the truth would have very bad consequences. I’ve forgotten my scarf at school? She must not know, if she did, she would scream at me for hours. While she constantly forgets things, but that doesn’t matter. I don’t like this food? I have to pretend I love it, otherwise I would be ungrateful and negative. Theres an exam ante portas? She must not know, because if I only had 99.99 % correct, she would scream at me for hours. And, I daresay, of course without being condescending and solely to inform about this important circumstance that influenced my (and my brother who is 8.5 years younger than me) growing up, that my mum is rather, what is generally known as, dim. Which by itself doesn’t matter at all, the problem was and is the way it contributed negatively to the way she treated us. When she was wrong about something and my brother and I tried to explain it, she never understood anything. It’s impossible to clarify a misunderstanding. She does something all the time, like forgetting to do things or where she put something, and it happens to us once? She screams at us for hours. We tell her the same thing happens to her? It doesn’t and we’re just trying to distract her. And since my brother and I seem to be a little less dim as her, she assumes, when she is in a good mood at least, that we and especially I must be a Wunderkind. She forgets something and I still remember it? I have a photographic memory (which I don’t at all). I touch a piano key at my grandparent’s house and it makes a noise? I must be the next Mozart. I can equate the equasion of 1 + 1 = x at the mere age of 1, 2 which she can’t? I’m a math genius. I’m better than her at something? I must have an IQ of 200 and she has to take me to a psychologist to make me demonstrate my genius and take an IQ test so she can tell everyone she gave birth to the next Einstein. But when there appears evidence against these wrongly formed assumptions and expectations, like me forgetting something, me making a mistake at an exam, me hating and being bad at maths or me hating the piano lessons, I get screamed at and told that I’m the worst being on earth (fortunately not elsehwhere) and a disappointment and how did she deserver to have a child like me. What I actually wanted and my feelings were never of importance. And I still struggle finding out and doing what I enjoy instead of what I feel I have to force myself to do for some inexplicable reason. I feel like enjoying something is a crime, even though I consciously advocate doing things one enjoys. And I keep forgetting the bad things she did, like how I can’t think of good examples of us having to lie or her being dim, even though I do remember that happening almost every day, which is apparently because she keeps telling us none of that ever happened and we just made it up in bad faith when we do mention any of it. I believed her and thought I did make everything up until I started writing stuff down and talking to my brother who experiences it the exact same way. Which is such a relief for both of us, that we know what we feel and think is real, that our memories and experiences actually happened, and that we have someone to talk to who understands everything and who unconditionally loves. And this newfound certainty makes her say that we conspire against her and that I incite him to hate her. Which is ironic since we want nothing more than a mutually loving and understanding relationship with her. Well, I do want other things more now. Because it seems to be impossible and while I can forgive easily, I can’t seem to forget and, unlike Loriot said in the role of Mr Angleman, a mother is not the epicentre of life.

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I believe I’ve written about this stuff before already, it seems that I mention it a lot. Maybe I should wrap this up and move on. Both in this description and in reality. But it’s hard to stay positive when you have noone around you in reality and “only” two people on the interwebs which of course means they aren’t real and you feel lonely. The other day, I wished Cashew was real and here for me just like he is for the wolf. But then I realised that I am Cashew just as much as I am the wolf. So I have to and can be there for myself and accept myself. I always will be the wolf, but I also always will be Cashew, and I have to find balance between them. Maybe viewing it like this will actually help. I have no idea. And you, dear Lancelot, I mean reader, probably have no idea what I’m talking about. It’s one of the many ideas I have of what I want to do but what I don’t because I have too many things to do and because I never do what I actually want to. Back to the actual conclusion and to the here and now.

So. The next cover I really want to make is probably the DPPt Lake Legends Batturo (Day). But I also want to do this website. And do some other things I have on my list, also, known as, the Path of Wishes, sometimes. Of course, another problem that adds to this is that I want to be able to make a living doing this, which both makes me more nervous doing it, dislike doing it because I feel like I have to and not enjoy doing other things because I feel like I have to spend every available second doing this. It’s the meek, I mean the money, who are the problem. Abolish money. That was no humorous and exaggerated big yohg, by the way. And then there is the to-do list of annoying/bad things I have to do. Like figuring out why my internet and also LAN seem to be broken and only randomly work with a 5 % chance, among other PC issues. And my Einstein teeth surgery. And the legal trouble I’m in for allegedly having done something even more nasty than inventing Crunchy Frog which I would of course never do. And other stuff. Sometimes I really wonder if life is worth living and how I could survive being alive. But don’t worry, I could never stop living purposefully, both because I’m a coward and because I have passions and beloved people. Unfortunately.


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💾 Programmes Used

8-bit audio production: 0CC-FamiTracker https://github.com/HertzDevil/0CC-FamiTracker/releases
Pixel art: Aseprite https://www.aseprite.org/
Fideo editing: DaVinvi Resolve https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/
Screen recording, video conversion: FFmpeg https://ffmpeg.org/
Note visualisation: NSFPlay Synthesia https://bbbradsmith.github.io/nsfplay/
Audio editing, playing back and timestamping original song to analyse: Audacity https://www.audacityteam.org/
Playing back original notes and instruments to analyse: LMMS https://lmms.io/
Extracting original music from game to analyse: VGMTrans https://github.com/vgmtrans/vgmtrans/releases

🎵 Music Used

Original song: Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum – Route 201 (Day) https://youtu.be/Q0AwE8EjpDs