Jeff Kaplan Sings: Last Update

This Christmas, Jeff Kaplan is singing about what the Overwatch team has been doing and thinking since last Christmas. (Subtitles available)

📒 My Thoughts


The potential topics I had in mind for this year’s Jeff Christmas song were toxicity or, to change things up and bring something positive in, saying thanks to Jeff and the Overwatch team for the good things they’ve done. But then they announced Overwatch 2 and I just had to make Jeff sing about that. The new stuff looks great (and they are finally continuing the story, I care a lot about stories) and I’m looking forward to it but my first thought was that they just mostly stopped updating the game to save everything up for one giant update that they’ll call a sequel for attention and money. Usually, games are either updated or they are not and keep getting sequels instead. This seemed to me as if they suddenly switched from one to the other but they also haven’t because Overwatch 1 gets everything except for the new PvE modes as well and all other modes are played together by players of both games. This makes it sound like they are making a giant update and the PvE part of it is a paid DLC. Though, I’ve read that OW 2 was supposed to be a real sequel but Jeff had to convince Blizzard that people would keep their things in OW 2 and that people from both games could play together in the PvP modes so that OW 1 players who expected to be able to keep playing the game as it used to be continually updated could still play it and I guess that made it mandatory to put the new things except for PvE in the old game as well. So we should be thankful to Jeff that it’s less of a sequel and more of an update than it used to be, it’s just a bit strange to keep calling it a sequel after those changes. Still, thanks and merry Christmas to you, Jeff! And, of course, the Overwatch team and everyone reading this as well. :)


As I just wrote in Ice Path, I’m currently making the descriptions I didn’t make. This is the last/first one. From 1.5 years ago. I probably forgot most details I wanted to write about. And I’m still very tired, stessed and exhausted. Similarly to when I actually published this fideo. But this time, it’s not burnout from making a Jeff song. I still/again don’t feel like writing this novel, so I’ll again just paste my notes here.

I just found my notes, it took a while. Since the beginning of 2021, I’ve been putting all my notes into the great note application Joplin. Before, I put them in text files. And apparently, 1.5 years ago and earlier, I used discord for fideo notes with the exception of scripts for Overwatch fideos. Also apparently, I didn’t make a lot of description notes back then. Here they are, I’ll finally be able to set this to done on my to-do list after 9 years in procrastination:

Professional, Interesting and Well Thought-Out Description

- short lyrics - my opinion (regarding Overwatch 2): neutral, just waiting whatll happen, looking forward to new things, unfortunate that they do everything in secrecy and save everything for one big update instead of updating regularly when something new is documented
- how i decided to use this song, other ideas, last year already last christmas as last update (Unfortunately, I don’t remember how I decided and what other options there were, it doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the notes either. Maybe I mentioned this in Coming to Town. I’m too tired and it’s too late, so I’m not checking that description. There are other topic options mentioned in the prologue above, though.)
- lyrics way too short, i was already at the second to last line when i still had to explain that ow2 is the same game because ow1 gets the same things except for pve and because players of both play together + stuff from prützroom
- wanted to make 8bit instrumental but didnt have enough time
- i didnt feel the christmas spirit at all this year and didnt even listen to christmas songs
- just reused last years formula like pokemon games always being the same, last year lots of new stuff and improvements compared to the first song; doorbell new and ana text but then didnt use old beginning scene (I think I meant that I made an 8-bit doorbell sound for my doorbell and an Ana dialogue representing me but I ended up removing the traditional beginning scene of doorbell - letter - song starts)
- incredibly smooth (I’m assuming this was the first time I used the DaVinci Resolve frame interpolation to turn Jeff into perfectly smooth 60 fps even at speed changes)
- pc lagged terribly, all cores at 100%
- changing a clips speed by dragging the speed part also makes it have more/less content than before
- ideas for ingame scenes (I guess this will also be forever forgotten)
- didnt use traditional jeff rap (the iconic hand movement)
- no time or motivation for christmas stage (intro background)
- letter changes (I have no idea what the letter would have been, theres nothing in the notes or fideo editing folder)
- didnt use letter because it wouldnt have fit
- did change quite a bit after all and removed bad or not fitting things instead of keeping them because its always been this way so its not bad like i feared i like the result

👤 Unimportant Secondary Characters

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🕒 Exᴘᴇɴᴅɪᴛᴜʀᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴛɪᴍᴇ
85 hours total
Lyrics: 2 h
Getting devupdates since April: 5 h
Putting Jeff’s words together: 26.5 h
Tuning words: 22 h
Equalising volume: 3 h
Tuning Jeffs moving image: 8.5
Visual script, ingame scenes and other: 10.5
Other video editing: 1.5 h
Thumbnail: 5 h
Subtitles and description (without My Thoughts): 1 h

💾 Programmes Used

Video editing: DaVinvi Resolve
Audio production: FL Studio
Audio editing: Audacity
Finding Jeff’s words: Notepad++
Screen recording: Shadowplay

🎵 Mᴜsɪᴄ ᴜsᴇᴅ
Original song: Wham! – Last Christmas

📄 Lyrics

No update could satisfy.
We’ve been working hard, but you just do not care
Tell me, people, do you play the game, still?
Well, it’s been three years, it doesn’t surprise me.

Wonderful Patch
I wrote to you and sent it
Singing about balance, fixes, new content, I meant it
Now I know what a fool I’ve been
But if we made a sequel, we know we’d fool you again


Ohverwatch 2

Desperate devs, can’t please the community
No matter what we do, can’t do it right
No use, we need some way to keep the game alive
That’s it! Overwatch 2 will solve our problems

No proper updates, gonna save it all for one big update
That we’ll call a sequel for attention and money
Actually, it’s just a PvE DLC
Sequels redefined


No proper updates, gonna save it all for one big update
(Gave you balance)
That we’ll call a sequel for attention and money
Maybe next update
We’re gonna call it a
We’re gonna call it a sequel.