[8-Bit Cover] Ice Path | Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver

Careful not to slip, fall over, freeze, and get stuck on the ice.

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You may do anything with these as long as you name the source of the original song and credit me as the creator of the cover version by linking to my website or one of my social media accounts (licence: CC BY 4.0).

📒 My Thoughts


Bäck fCHom ze deäd, as they say, hopefully with more frequent fideos again. This song is among my absolute favourites. I love both the original and the remade version. The entire (H)G(S)S soundtrack is a masterpiece, of course. Last winter when I was looking through my playlists to find good winter-themed songs to cover, I of course put this one on the list™. But I didn’t feel ready yet, I wanted to wait at least another year to make sure I’ll do the song justice, both because of how much I love it and because the original is already 8-bit and I wanted to make sure it didn’t sound too similar to the original. It might be a little late for a winter-themed cover due to unfortunate circumstances, but it’s winter somewhere in the world and I’ve been looking forward to covering this so much for so long. I’ve learnt a lot since the beginning of my 8-bit journey, and I believed I might be ready for this song now.


It’s been three months now and I still haven’t written this description further than the mandatory prologue. I’m catching up writing the descriptions I haven’t yet right now. This description would probably be the longest so far. There are so many things I used in this song, so many things to talk about. The notes I took are already very long. But I do not at all feel like turning them into a novel. So I think I’ll just paste the notes in here and maybe add a few closing statements. I should do the same for the Jeff song from 1.5 years ago. Have fun reading probably unreadable notes that don’t make sense to other individuals.

The Song

- arpeggiated chords (not 8-bit arps, ill separate them by calling them arpeggios and arps from now on as other people seem to do) in the hgss version have one difference, the last note of the second arpeggio is the lowest note instead of the middle one as in the others and in all arpeggios on the original; edit a couple of times its not like this maybe i should introduce that as a regular variant
- i adore both versions but its interesting to see exactly what the remake version changed it sounds like so much more that i thought its surely longer but no both have the exact same parts and length apart from the slightly higher bpm 160 instead of 150 its incredible how much richer and varied the remade version sounds
- squeezed everything very tightly and optimally into the available channels i didnt expect there to be that much this was at least as complex to rearrange as dialga
- when i "played" it on the piano, at the part where the bass / low marimba plays c# c c#, i for some reason always played a d# after that. i dont know why but i sometimes make small changes like these when i "play" songs and i keep making them because i like them so i put that in this cover as a variation every second time this part plays
- added v01 noise cymbals because ive barely used them before and i thought they sound fitting
- the low marimba in the remake sounds incredible and it sounds as if there were a separate very low bass playing the same notes but thats part of the marimba and to mimic that and to give the 8bitmarimba enough depth i of course used the triangle channel in addition this time with no arpeggio envelope for simple yet deep and delicious bass sounds
- interesting drum at 0:55 i dont know what kind of drum it is but it instantly reminded me of bowser in sm64, i thought maybe i could use the arpeggio envelope i usually use for the bass for this drum as it sounds interesting in the noise channel and ive been wanting to use that for a long time but it didnt sound close enough but making it go up instead of down sounded close so i used that and the result sounds different and interesting and fitting i absolutely love it
- gave the bass a P7D envelope to separate it from pulse2 which also gives it more depth and space
- the original 8bit bass sounds similar to a sawtooth wave and i immediately had the idea to use the remade great marimba most of the time but put in a little of a sawtooth at some point as a reference to the original and i did, even with very static volumes to make it sound older and more primitive and simple, the part from 0:54 to 1:06 even has multiple instruments that play the bass line in turn so it was the perfect opportunity to show off a bare triangle bass just like how a less audible bass plays it in the remake and then use the original bass, although it plays an octave higher during this part which is a little unfortunate i would have liked to also use the sawtooth bass for the lower parts
- i also gave that shorter bass note a variation in every second part by making it a 16th note instad of an 8th note which sounds great
- i intended to make a glockenshpeel for the high arpeggios but only the sawtooth channel was left so there was no way to create the usual nice Chiming attack envelope of V02V02V01 or something so I tried to use arps, similiarly to snowpoint city but it didnt sound good but i experimented a bit and ended up with a | 0 -12 0 0 envelope that sounds really interesting like droplets continually falling down from icicles or something so i kept that though im not sure if it sounds too unusual and unharmonious in a way that it distracts from the rest of the song. its rhythmic look at all those dddeee dddeee dddeees im getting
- it turned out to sound bad together with the main part in pulse3 it especially robbed it of its beautiful aforementioned V02V02V01 envelope but it sounded great with a regular sawtooth instrument but i didnt want to waste my droplet idea so i used the droplet instrument when its the only instrument playing the arpeggios and otherwise the boring normal one which also creates more interesting variation
- that pulse3 stuff sounds so much better just because of the accompanying high sawtooth notes its incredible
- unfortunately all the other high notes make the cymbals i really liked nearly inaudible and what is audible sounds worse
- the echo-y part at 0:42 sounds so cool and mysterious even a little creepy and definitely very icy
x- slowdown at 0:41 because i always felt like one would fit there and i play one there on my keyboard, first time i used tempo values that result in different amount of ticks per row because changing the speed value would be way too much - edit i had to remove it because of the pitch slide, pitch slides reset at new notes so i had to use one instru - Edit of three months later: this was also wrong and I could have done this differently and used a slowdown, I don’t remember exactly what the situation was and I’m way too tired and stressed to use my brain
- put slight pitch changes in envelopes of multiple instruments to prevent overlapping waves and it works really well
- the downward note sequences starting at 0:42 sound interesting in the original but sounded horrible in my version, i had to change the highest notes to make it harmonious with the main voice, give it arpeggios to make it less of one single wrong note and make it very quiet, unfortunately it also makes the interesting main voices echo i mentioned and loved earlier much less audible and lessens the interesting effect it has, then again it creates a similar feeling of uneasiness so i guess its okay
- 0:21 slow vibrato similar to the original, love how it sounds but i only used a slow one there as i thought it didnt sound fitting in my version on other notes
- there was no space left for the new low part in the remade original at 0:48 but i really wanted to put it in, so i had the idea to put it in the triangle channel and hope that the low marimba would still sound acceptable with temporarily no triangle and that it wouldnt bee too much of a difference when the triangle suddenly stops being part of the marimba, and it turned out to be great it sounds almost exactly like in the remake and really good
- i love how the remake plays around with pitch slides like at 0:58 or the part starting at 1:11
Edit: I didn’t mention this, I believe, but I think I used like |FA volume envelopes (extremely fast volume vibrati) for those echoing chords that appear twice and it fits really well and makes them sound interesting and similar to the remade original.

The Drawing

- i thought there were ice blocks that you have to push on the ice and that make nice sounds when they collide and turn blue but apparently that was only in a gym
- first idea: last room with ice block puzzle but kimono and other interesting room with falling rocks (I meant I don’t like Kimonos and the colour red (I was thinking of how to have more fun drawing) and there is that other interesting and memorable room)
- apparently there is a series of great looking figures of pokemon protagonists and coincidentally both lyras and ethans figures pose fit perfectly to the idea in my head so i used them as reference its great that many pictures of them from many angles exist so i could use
- realised that the idea is similar to snowpoint city where the male protagonist is being widiculed for being an eediot by the female one
- acceptable cave wall background this time as i found a good reference from the anime
- was fun but very difficult, i need a lot more practice before ill feel comfortable drawing
- i should make simpler drawings its just too much to force myself through while im not comfortable yet (I decided not to draw Ethan and his Pokémon because I just wanted it to be over)
- usual pokemon size complaint
- (Without Ethan at the left, I decided to move Chikorita there to fill the space and to give the already existing Lyra something to look at) had to make the strength rock a lot bigger than the regular one, i wanted to have them at ingame size but chikorita had to be at eye level because i would have to redraw lyras head at a different angle to maker her look down, maybe the strength rock is a little in front of the other rock, that would fit to chikoritas size which still looks too big, i made them about knee high but what are pokemon sizes


- i saw after recording triangle that p2 had lots of dropped frames so i had to rerecord it, that was fortunate because only then i saw that there was a missing F in the volume column after a fade out which made 3 notes inaudible which i didnt notice before, maybe i should go back to filling every volume so something like this doesnt happen
- the highest notes are one octave (and a bit) higher than the displayed claviature so they overlap with the noise channel but i didnt know any better way so i kept it like this
- changed the window title font size, that meant that everything in my ft recordings was a couple of pixels lower than it was before, that meant i had to either re-position and re-crop everything or record every ft recording again, i chose the latter to have a proper template for the next fideo
- forgot to change the font sizes not before but this time, had to record it a 3.5th time as usual


My notes for this part are just one word each, so I’ll write a bit about that, even though my brain feels like it’s asleep. I finally actually did move and this is the first cover/fideo/work since then. I was still adjusting to the new situation and stressed and nervous about other IRL stuff like my teeth, and one other thing that needs its own detailed paragraph when I’m awake and functioning, so I’ll save that for a new description or some other form of written word. I started going for walks (nearly) daily which certainly is good for my body and mind.

My dad also went grocery shopping with me and got a couple of vegan meats for me to try out. Since I’ve stopped eating meat like 2.5 years ago, I only tried one vegan schnitzel made of soy, I believe, and I didn’t like it at all. I assumed all non-murder meat was bad, so I didn’t buy any. I unfortunately love the taste of murdered animals, though. And I’m incredibly thankful that my dad made my try out vegan meats one more time. Because this time, most of them were good. Some better, some worse. Some more like dead animals, some less. Some less like meat but still very good. Falafel for example fulfill the same role to me and are really good but they don’t taste like animal. But even Falafel have different versions, some incredible, some boring. There is one kind of bratwurst and one type of berjer patty that are both made of regular peas that taste incredible and exactly like dead animals. When I tried them, I seriously felt kind of weird. I hadn’t tasted that taste in 2.5 years and while I’ve eaten meat for most of my life and I never would have thought this would happen, I actually felt weird and bad when I tasted the true meat taste. Not because I didn’t like it, far from it, but because it reminded me of suffering and/or killed animals. But I got used to it, convincing myself that I’m eating fake meat that has the taste I loved so much. It’s great and enhances my meals by a lot. I really recommend trying all kinds of fake meat you can find and not being discouraged if you happen to get your mouth on the bad ones first. Even my dad really likes the vegan patties. He says they also don’t have any chewy parts or anything, they’re like meat without the imperfections. And if plant meat tastes so good and true to the original, why not just eat those even if you’re not a vegetarian/vegan? If you can afford them, that is.

I also expanded my watch of Callous Row characters. I recommend MisterMusashi (Bean) and Catbugcry (Wisp) and I have my eyes on numerous others that I haven’t had the time to check out yet. And I learned to love Roache outside of him acting as Polka a lot as well.


- i had a blast making the song the entire time instead of forcing myself through selfdoubts and boring repetitive stuff with the only thing keeping me going being wanting the final result
- all of my previous experience and knowledge, experimented to create new things, some on purpose and some by chance
- love it except for the toodles not sure about those
- days inbetween when i was depressed and suddenly hated it
- i didnt even need dual-channel echoes to make it sound good for the first time which means i have more space
- the only thing im not sure about is the notes that go down (toodles) and the q33 (upward pitch slide at 0:30, I do like it now though, I probably just was unsure because it was a very late addition and I was very used to it not being there)

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💾 Programmes Used

8-bit audio production: 0CC-FamiTracker https://github.com/HertzDevil/0CC-FamiTracker/releases
Pixel art: Aseprite https://www.aseprite.org/
Fideo editing: DaVinvi Resolve https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/
Screen recording, video conversion: FFmpeg https://ffmpeg.org/
Note visualisation: NSFPlay Synthesia https://bbbradsmith.github.io/nsfplay/
Audio editing, playing back and timestamping original song to analyse: Audacity https://www.audacityteam.org/
Playing back original notes and instruments to analyse: LMMS https://lmms.io/
Extracting original music from game to analyse: VGMTrans https://github.com/vgmtrans/vgmtrans/releases

🎵 Music Used

Original song: Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver – Ice Path / Dark Cave https://youtu.be/yAnBYBGEif0
Pokémon Gold/Silver – Ice Path / Dark Cave https://youtu.be/IXqmIkCYOSM