The Night He Came to Termina!

At the beginning of the year, I had the idea to make an 8-bit version of this song and I was really excited to recreate the high ticking noise and everything else. But I put it on my fideo list to make it for Halloween, hoping that by then I would have a lot of FamiTracker experience and would be able to do the song justice.

Now I’d say I’ve just had enough experience to make it good enough. The base drum actually sounds like one unlike the terrible attempt I made in the GoT theme. Apparently 3 Triangle wave ticks are enough. During the creation process and when I was done I actually liked and was satisfied with how it sounded. In fact, I liked it so much that I listened to it for hours while drawing the pixel art. Maybe that’s why I’m not sure if it’s good anymore now as I usually don’t like a song anymore when I’ve listened to it too many times consecutively. I just couldn’t resist because I was so surprised that I actually for the first time made an 8-bit cover that I liked. Now however, I think it just sounds good because the song is so simple that it’s impossible to make a bad sounding cover. The only thing I’m still satisfied with is the percussion.

I’ve actually not watched the film before, I just knew the great music from Dead by Daylight but to get something for the visuals of the fideo, I watched it. I expected a scene of Laurie looking ouf of a window and seeing Michael Myers outside in the dark that I could recreate in a top-down video game style but I only found one potential scene: Michael Myers standing menacingly on top of the stairs, only his silhouette being visible in the dark and Laurie or rather the camera looking up to him. While I could barely see anything during that actual scene, in my head I had all kinds of ideas how a scene like this could look amazing. Myers, or as a Zelda reference the Skull Kid with Majora’s Mask and Myers’s’s knife, could be standing up there, his dark silhouette in front of a window that gives a bit of light to the top floor and lets us see the beautiful stars, but also Majora’s Mask’s eerie moon, the main focus lying on the mask’s glowing eyes. Of course, the Skull Kid has to be accompanied by Tael.

Unfortunately, the end result doesn’t even come close to the incredible scene I had envisioned in my mind. I had to redraw the interior of the house many many times, especially the stairs and railings to get the perspective right. There were also other things I wanted to add like maybe a generator or some other DbD reference and a pumpkin glowing in the bottom left corner behind the railing similar to the film poster I animated but I ran out of time. I really need a lot more pixel art experience, the visuals for these fideos take way too long to make and are not at all to my standards.

Regarding the integration of the film into my mind, I was disappointed by it. Amarizo watched it last year on Halloween and already told me that it was boring and apparently he was right. To me it just consisted of meaningless and boring scenes. Occasionally, Michael Myers shows up to do nothing or when he actually does something, he just kills people in unspectacular ways who to me were just actors pretending to be killed and not actually dying characters with interesting personalities that I learn about and get close to during the story. Another big part of the non-existing story that bothers me is the fact that Michael’s motive and backstory is just: He is evil. That’s it. He has been evil from birth for no reason and will forever be evil. In my opinion, this is just boring and unimaginative and really shows that the entire film has no content at all, just a couple of scary scenes that were not really scary. The only good thing about it is the music. And I guess a couple of nice sounding quotes by Michael’s psychiatrist. Maybe it’s a good thing though that it wasn’t more scary or brutal, I actually don’t like horror or violence at all. Instead of nightmares, I got some alright iconic scenes, great music and great quotes. I love quotes. Quote me on that.

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🕒 Exᴘᴇɴᴅɪᴛᴜʀᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴛɪᴍᴇ
65.5 hours total
Watching the film: 1.5 hours
Song: 7 hours
Thumbnail: 12 hours
Animation: 33 hours
Editing: 12 hours

💾 Pʀᴏɢʀᴀᴍᴍᴇs ᴜsᴇᴅ
Video editing: DaVinvi Resolve
Pixel art + pixel animation: Aseprite
8-bit audio production: FamiTracker
Screen recording: OBS Studio
Video conversion: FFmpeg

🎵 Mᴜsɪᴄ ᴜsᴇᴅ
Original song: Halloween Theme
[8-Bit] The Legend of Zelda – Overworld Theme
[8-Bit] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Ilia’s Theme