[8-Bit Cover] Dead by Daylight (Theme)

Multiple times I have tried to escape the fog and each time, I have come face to face with a nameless terror that stalks the darkness, a being in a human form, even though I feel “human” is an exaggeration.

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Back when DbD was still very new, I found it through the German let’s player Gronkh. It’s incredible to think about how differently I viewed the game when I was new to it. When it actually seemed scary, I had no idea what would happen and the map seemed like a large thick forest with danger lurking behind every tree. I actually got that feeling back a little one time, when they added Michael Myers. I hadn’t played the game in a long time and suddenly spotting his pale face in the distance stalking me was actually scary for the first couple of games and I loved it. But I’m glad that the game isn’t too scary and the violence and graphics don’t look too realistic. Although it would be nice if they updated some animations, especially the older moris.

I have many fond memories of playing survivor with Amarizo, Erno and Lindles. The game definitely has many issues and questionable developer philosophies but it brought us together and made us have a lot of fun. And the bugs were very entertaining, at least. In the beginning, I preferred playing survivor because it seemed a lot easier to me. As killer, you are under a lot of pressure as you are alone and face four opponents. But I eventually started playing killer more, starting out with Hillbilly, and grew to prefer the killer role as it’s more interesting to hunt survivors than to just hold m1 for 5 minutes or run away. Since then, I only play survivor when I play with friends because, of course, playing with friends is always great. After a long break, I didn’t pick up Hillbilly again as I hate the loud noise from his chainsaw. It’s not only very annoying but it also prevents one from hearing survivors. I started practicing the Huntress as I love projectiles and her humming. I got really good at her and reached low (high) ranks, but when I did, the survivors became so skilled that playing was so stressful that I lost interest in the Huntress. Then, I tried the Nurse for the first time. Her blinks were very difficult to learn, but eventually I mastered them as well and had a lot of fun. I never really got to a point with her where I wasn’t good enough but I didn’t like having to automatically look at the ground all the time and not blinking through big objects because I didn’t hold the button down just long enough was frustrating. So I eventually stopped playing again. The third time I came back to the game, I bought a new killer with shards. I wasn’t sure which one to buy, I considered the Plague first because I love projectiles but that’s also too similar to something I already have and since she can just spam all over, she seems like a less skilled version of the Huntress. So I decided for the Spirit. And I really enjoyed playing her and she became my first character to III-50 with all perks. But not long after, I stopped having fun again and stopped playing, until today. At the moment, I don’t see me playing actively again in the future, just a couple of games a couple of times per year maybe. I also don’t want to support the developer’s seemingly bad philosophy.

I love the game’s soundtrack. All tracks are really interesting and get the right feeling across very well, but most of them aren’t really what would commonly referred to as “music” or something that can just be listened to. But the main theme is, and, even though it’s so simple, it sounds incredible. Just like the Halloween (film) theme, I guess. Michel F. April, thanks for this fascinating, great and unique soundtrack!

DbD, and DbD related fideos, of course also remind me of my old DbD bug fideos. That somehow get watched many times every day until today and that, until a couple of months ago, most people suckscribed on. And that make up the vast majority of my total views. But they apparently don’t care about the other things I do and don’t know that I will never upload a DbD bug fideo on this channel again and haven’t in almost four years. Maybe this cover will be something they are interested in. If so: Hi, I’m glad I could make you happy! But if not, I would prefer if you unsubscribed instead of being one of the many that are subscribed for things I don’t upload. But I probably won’t reach those people anyway. I thought many times of temporarily uploading a fideo that just tells all DbD people to unsubscribe if they are’nt interested in the things I actually do. I’m still not sure if that would be a good idea. After all, it’s their decision to whom they suckscribe and I can’t and don’t want to tell people they aren’t allowed to do so.

Again I spent 1.5 months not using FamiTracker and not having fun at all. Originally, I wanted to do two Halloween covers, probably Old Chateau Lâfítè from DPPt. But I had just enough time for one song, and I didn’t even get it done before the end of the month. At least that means that I will do Old Chateau or something in a year from now when I will probably and hopefully much better than I am now. I also planned to improve my 8-bit and general music knowledge before I made another song because I wasn’t satisfied at all with how my covers sound a lot of the time. They mostly sound very flat without major dual-channel echoes, especially ones like Cynthia and the second half of Dialga. I did spend a couple of hours to learn music stuff, to watch Teuthida’s 0CC-FamiTracker tutorials and to analyse sounds from my midi keyboard for better instruments. And I think the flatness issue might have been due to my volume envelopes. They usually went down to 0 very quickly. This time, I made them fade out much slower and usually to something like 3 instead of silence. This cover sounds much fuller, more colourful and alive, so I guess that fixed that issue. I will continue learning more stuff soon.

The 1.5 months between this cover and Dialga were spend switching to Linux. If you want to know more about that, take a look at https://phal.io/linux. FamiTracker is currently broken on Linux but fortunately, 0CC-FamiTracker works. This forced me to actually try it out and I’m so glad it did. It’s so much better. Use it. Unfortunately, The frame editor has the same font as the track and everything is a little wider, so I couldn’t fit everything into my old OBS recording scenes and fideo overlay. So I removed the frame editor which is actually a good thing, I guess. It finally allows me to have enough space for multiple fx columns (which I had to use this time) and it’s a lot less work not having to edit and move the frame editor stuff. Coincidentally, just like the old layout perfectly fit the fideo width, the new layout with 3 additional fx columns does as well.

A sawtooth bass already sounds quite rough but I amplified the roughness with a very fast and strong tremolo. The triangle playing at the same time gives it the required depth. I love how the result sounds, very interesting. Experimenting with the noise channel (and some high pitch pitch slides) for all kinds of noises and sound effects was interesting as well. I especially love the rattling sound during the main menu part, that sounds really interesting and creates an equally as interesting feeling. It was a little unfortunate that the pitch values are so far apart at high pitches, making the high slides extremely steppy with only a couple of steps over a long time, but I don’t even really notice them. I guess the human ear can only hear 12 pitch changes per second. 0CC-FT’s linear pitch mode that creates another pitch table with 32 values between notes that then gets translated to the closest actual pitch in the exponential pitch table is really useful, especially for things like vibrati. Finally they have the same pitch variation at all pitches. Only for perfectly manually controlled pitch slides at high pitch it’s a little annoying that I have to find the Pxx values that correspond to the next pitch value to be able to create a perfect pitch slide, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

Just like the triangle channel with no volume control besides full and silence, the very quiet pitch slides or in general sound effects not in the noise channel had very noticeable volume steps. So, just like with the triangle channel, I didn’t end or start them exactly to the beat and instead a little earlier or later, hiding the volume changes, ends and beginnings in the loud note beginnings of other channels. Especially the survivor part has very audible guitar grip switch sounds (at least I think that’s what they are). I hate these sounds and in some songs, they can be so loud and annoying that I just can’t enjoy the song at all just because of those sounds. In the DbD Theme, they aren’t that bad and to make it more interesting, I tried to transcribe them to 8-bit using pitch and volume slides. I’m not sure if they sound acceptable or too bad and distracting, just like some actual ones sound for me. I’m used to the 8-bit ones in this song as I’ve heard them thousands of times but, as always, I wonder how other people percieve them. Also, the grip noise at 0A (I just remembered you don’t see frame numbers in the fideo anymore, it’s at 1 : 10) sounds just like an Animal Crossing pick up sound.

Another incredible feature of 0CC-FamiTracker are arpeggio scheme envelopes. You can use x and y in the envelope and those variables will be filled with the relative notes from 0xy effects, meaning that you can use all kinds of arpeggio notes in the same envelope instead of having to create a separate instrument for every single chord which is extremely annoying and tedious. And I usually never used the 0xy effect because I prefer slower arpeggios or arpeggios with 2 notes. I love 0CC-FT.

It also has an elaborate find and replace tool at the ctRRRl and F key which is also incredibly useful and something I would have needed many times. Unfortunately, the replace part didn’t work for me. Still, being able to quickly and reliably find the stuff I have to replace this way is a big improvement.

When transcribing music completely by ear (as I’ve only done in GoT, Halloween and Coconut), I’m always afraid of chords because I have no idea which notes to use. I have a basic understanding of how chords work but I don’t know how I can hear which chord is being played or which one I should use because, of course, it has to be perfect and exactly the same chord as in the original. But since I couldn’t really hear the chords well, I mostly made something I thought was fitting. I’m not sure how many different chords are used in the original, it mostly sounds like always the same chord, just like the bass. That seemed too simple and easy, so I tried to use more and make them more interesting, but that also sounded bad because that made it sound different from the mostly same background sounds in the original. I mostly used the same chords when the main melody isn’t playing and different chords when the main melody plays, hiding the possibly bad and unfitting chords behind the way more dominant melody, but I think it’s alright. And the bass in the main menu part that I gave some other notes to make it more interesting, although very simple, really compliments the main melody. Actually, I think that part doesn’t even have a separate bass and just very low piano chords, but they were unfortunately at the low octave that pulse waves start sounding horrible in. So I put them one octave higher and added a triangle bass for depth which I originally didn’t intend to do for that part. And I’m glad I did because I absolutely love how it turned out. The main menu part is my favourite. It sounds mysterious, sad, creepy and longing. And the bass and noise compliment it very well. To simulate the piano’s sustain pedal, I placed the notes alternately in pulse 1 and 2, as I’ve done in my very first cover of Ilia’s theme. I love how that sounds. But the sustain from the previous note is too loud, so I reduced the old note to a third of the new note’s volume as soon as the new note starts playing and the change is not noticeable while giving it just the right amount of strong sustain.

The song sounds very simple but it’s played by hand and not exported with a computer, so it has lots of variations, details and changes. Since it sounds so simple, I thought and maybe you think that it can be covered quickly. But I spent a lot of time on little details and variations and that is really worth it as it makes the song sound much more interesting and varied instead of the same simple melodie repeated for 4 minutes. Just like when it’s played by real people. I love these variations in general, I should try to implement them in covers of computer produced songs and original songs.

By the way, the lots of unnecessary A00s from copying and editing things are … interesting, I guess. And I hid a reference to another scary song in this cover, did you recognise it? I think that, along with the sound effects in the intro, are really interesting and fitting.

For the drawing, I started out using the NES NTSC palette, as I always do for darker 8-bit cover drawings. But I’ve been unhappy with the limitations and colours from the two NES colour palettes for a long time and when I drew the environment first for this drawing, I was not satisfied at all. So I broke the palette rule for the first time in fideos and used my own colours instead. And I think it was a good decision, these darker and unsaturated colours are much more fitting and I could actually use properly fitting colours and multiple similar steps. I love the menu buttons, although I had to make the bottom ones a lot higher to squeeze a minimum size of icons into them that allowed recognition. I think the drawing turned out alright (except that the survivors at the extremely low resolution look partly weird) but I don’t really like it because its so dark, unsaturated and unfriendly. By the way, the killer’s weapon is in the other hand in the main menu, does the entire model get mirrored or do they actually go through the trouble of putting the weapon in the wrong hand just to put the killer on the right? And why are they on the right anyway? Will there be a left-handed killer that won’t be mirrored?

The thumbnail is even worse. Objectively surprisingly good, but I hate the realistic, dark and blue-red style. Apart from the darkness and unsaturatedness that are due to the nature of the game, I feel like that is a general problem with my art. I’m so afraid of drawing something bad that I stick so close to the reference images on my second monitor that I end up with something that looks like a bad “realistic” copy of the original, but it doesn’t have a style, it has no soul and life. It looks bland, boring and desperately dull. There are only some exceptions of art I’ve made that I actually like, namely SmilesGoForMiles.png, GardeHug.png and Umbreon. I’ve been experimenting a little more with art styles and trying new things instead of always sticking to the same old bad “style”. I really have to be more bold and draw things not exactly how they look in references but instead give them very different proportions, styles and colours. Just like the people whose art I love.

As I already mentioned, 0CC-FamiTracker has slightly different sizes and positions and I used additional fx columns, rendering (sic!) my previous OBS scenes and edited fideos useless for this one. I had to do everything from scratch which took a long time and was annoying, especially since I was more asleep than awake and constantly actually fell asleep and forgot what I was doing. The new layout removing the frame editor makes things easier and allows for more fx columns, but more fx columns also make channels have different positions, meaning that I will have different positions in other songs and can’t use all the same settings from a previous fideo.

Another thing I changed was the way I scaled the FamiTracker recordings. I thought that Resolve has no nearest neighbour scaling, as all fideo editing applications except for Kdenlive. Now, I looked it up again and actually found a very recent YT fideo of someone showing that it actually does support it, with a scale node in the Fusion tab. I was really excited. That means that I can record FT with OBS in just FHD instead of having to rescale it with OBS during the recording, as I always did until now. That means that the recording process probably runs better and the resulting almost uncompressed files will be a lot smaller. When I was finally done editing it, in the evening of the 31st, Resolve wouldn’t render it. It kept spamming a “GPU memory is full” error and cancelled render jobs immediately. I thought it was an issue with Linux at first and tried it on Windows, but it was the same and an earlier test render on Linux worked. It only worked with 4 out of 12 FT tracks enabled, so I guess I would need at least 24 GiB of VRAM instead of 8. But why can’t it just save things temporarily to the drive, why does it have to use that much VRAM and just refuses to work otherwise? I’m glad this issue didn’t come up earlier, especially for Jeff songs and Developer Updates. I would have had no way to render them. In this case, I could “just” spend another day recording and editing the FamiTracker scenes from scratch a second time and then it worked. But it only used 10 % CPU and 0 % GPU, similar to Windows. FFmpeg, which I use to convert the recordings to one of the few codecs Resolve can read (and now also to resize them at the same time, now neither OBS has to do it during the recording not Resolve which would need a lot more VRAM) used 3 % CPU and converted with a speed of 3 FPS. Multiple instances shared the 3 % among them. On Windows, they at least use 15-20 %. Why do applications only use tiny fractions of the hardware’s capabilities? In the task manager on Windows, I didn’t see any other bottlenecks either. Maybe for resolve the giant UHD almost uncompressed fideo files take a long time to read but I think it was the same for Jeff songs. Actually, the 100 GiB each recordings probably cause the issue with HDD read and write speeds, now that I think about it again. It has to be that. At least if it isn’t the same for Jeff songs and devupdates. And if that’s the case, there is no way around it, as I can’t afford a 1-2 TiB NVME SSD. Probably, I think I don’t want to know how much those cost. I guess I have to live with slow render speeds and just be done early enough. But that doesn’t explain why FFmpeg is that much slower on Linux. Is the ntfs-3g driver responsible? I consider reformatting my drives to Ext4 later once I’ve used Linux long enough to definitely never go back, but I also definitely still have to use Windows for most 3D games and I want to be able to have access to more than just my Windows and games partitions. Apparently, there are ways to access Ext4 on Windows, but I’ve read that they break stuff. And I’ve had enough PC stuff break for the rest of my life. PCs are very immature and primitive, many things don’t work as simple and well as one could expect and would want and need. And another issue that I think is very important is that computers are not beginner-friendly at all. I know a lot of stuff because I’ve just tried everything since I was little and used my mum’s PC. But there is nothing that explains anything to you and for many issues you have to search the interwebs for hours and might not even find anything. My mum and especially my grandpa are great examples. They use computers (and phones) regularly but have no idea how anything works. My grandpa doesn’t even know the difference between the left and right mouse buttons or that he can minimise applications instead of closing them to use something else temporarily. And my mum googles Google on Google to find the Google URL and paste it into the google search, doesn’t know what task bars and web browsers are and, to save an image from the interwebs, saves it, opens it, copies it to the clipboard, pastes the clipboard into a PowerPoint™ presentation and saves or prints the presentation. There have to be tutorials for the basic usage of computers that pop up when you are new to computers. How are regular users supposed to know how to avoid vira and everything they do and think being tracked when they don’t even learn the most basic things like what mouse buttons do from the PC itself or at school? Our lives depend on technology that we spend our time with more than anything else while the vast majority of people seems to have no understanding of how they work or even how to use them properly and what (invisible) dangers come with them. … this is supposed to be the DbD Theme description. Back to the underground, I mean to the topic.

During the 1.5 months of switching to Linux, I had little sleep because I wanted to get done but it just never ended, as I already explained on Twitter. I had two weeks for this cover which should have been more than enough but my already very messed up sleep schedule, lack of sleep, lack of fun and general exhaustion didn’t help. That in combination with in-depth text chats with my dad. I finally talked with him about some things I’ve been wanting to know for a long time, some almost my whole life. I’m still not sure what to think of him but some things are clear now. Why can’t life be as simple and fun as it could be. On multiple days, I was so tired and full of thoughts that I just sat in front of the PC and couldn’t do anything. I was too tired and mentally busy to work on the cover but also didn’t allow myself to do anything else for fun like playing games or watching something (except for a bit on one day when I played DbD with Amarizo which was great). This resulted in me having to sacrifice a lot of sleep again to get the cover done in time, and it ended up being two days late anyway, with one night worked through and three nights surrounding it of just a bit of sleep. It really was a nightmare, my eyes were dry and burning, I constantly fell into microsleep and generally felt horrible. I really have to change the way I do things. Otherwise, I soon won’t have to deal with having to give my physical body sleep, nourishment and waste disposal anymore, but I won’t be able to do anything else, either. Instead of just sitting in front of the PC, not being able to be productive and never allowing myself to have any fun, as I’ve been doing for the last two years, I have to actually take time to do fun things and try new stuff which would give me the energy and motivation for fideos. My low self-confidence, perfectionism, imposter syndrome and the comments of my family turned what is supposed to be my passion into a horrible job that I spend every possibly available second with, neglecting myself physically and mentally. I feel like I have to prove myself that I’m worthy to exist by constantly working and every second spent with physical and mental desires are wasted lifetime and make me worthless. Even though that is exactly what I see others do, want to avoid myself and that my conscious mind knows is the exact opposite of what’s true, what I want and what’s good for me. Now, I have a month without event fideos that I can use to try to have more fun, get my good sleep schedule back and actually live. But then it’s already December which means that it’s time for the yearly Jeff song. And I also want to do the website, the Jeff voice pack and regular fideos. What is work-life-balance? What is fun? What is life? Life is creation, experience, learning, love and joy. I currently barely experience the first and a little the fourth, but otherwise I don’t live. How do I change this? I should start by taking a couple of days off to fill my fun bar, get my sleep schedule back and have some variety. And go for walks in the contaminated outside world. But the last time I actively took a day off to have fun was the Sunday after this year’s April fideo, to play BotW. And it felt like a waste, I couldn’t enjoy it at all. How dare I waste my life with fun? I have to learn to allow myself to have fun again. But today, it’s already late and I’m still writing this description, which I do enjoy because I love writing, but I’m also very tired and hungry. When I’m done, I have to post the fideo, song and drawings on 100 sites because the interwebs consist of private centralised data mining “services” and then I have to finally eat a second meal for today besides breakfast. So no fun or sleep today either, I guess. And tomorrow, I have to clean and all that stuff. So I guess I can start learning to have fun and to live on Wednesday.

Everything in everything, while the process of making this was mostly torture, it was partly fun as well, I tried out and learnt a lot of new things and I actually am mostly satisfied with the result. I really love the part of the intro when the arpeggios slowly fade in and of course the main menu part that sounds really great, unique and makes me feel all kinds of feelings. And to you who are reading this at this very moment: I’m sorry for venting once again and I wish you the very possibly best fulfilling life. Whenever you feel down, take a look at SmilesGoForMiles.png and GardeHug.png. And now, a bit of fun. After a medium-sized intermission. Yes, ladies and gentlepeople. Zis was it. Zis was ze description. Goodbye, and good night.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Survivor
1:25 Killer
2:25 Main Menu
3:25 Outro

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Original song: Michel F. April – Dead by Daylight (Theme) https://youtu.be/nc2yOLMCOhs