[8-Bit] Da Coconut Nut | Smokey Mountain

There are so many uses of the Coconut Song
I counted them myself, there are thirty-one.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Creation of the song
  3. Creation of the drawing
  4. Video editing
  5. Fideo conclusion
  6. Intro
  7. Outro
  8. Intro jingle
  9. Thumbnail design
  10. Profile picture
  11. Banner
  12. New name
  13. Future uploads, website, money problems and commissions
  14. George Floyd protests

Finally it’s done. I thought I could just quickly cover this simple song and draw some slutty anime shit and get it out on April 1st as well, but here we are, more than two months later. Hopefully, it has been worth the weight. As you might have noticed, I’m the Link-Riolu of the Past. But if you followed me on Twitter or Discord (or read my description novels and paid attention to easter eggs in fideos), you already know that I changed my name. There will be a novel about it on my website soon (hopefully), here is a very short Twitter quote:

My quest for the Holy Name has not led me to love at first sight but I’m committing to the best one now. I hope I can get used to this new name, which is mine, which belongs to me, which I possess the ownership of, which I conceived but which is of course already taken.

This fideo is quite different from my other 8-bit stuff but I hope it’s still enjoyable. Either way, the next one will be a "proper" one again (probably a Mystery Dungeon), so don’t freak out, as Jeff would say. But it’s not the only thing that’s finally done, as you might have noticed as well.

I mentioned some things that were intended for this description in Cynthia’s description already, since I stopped working on Coconut to make Cynthia first, so you should read that description first. Many of the things I will be writing about here happened quite some time ago, so I’ve probably forgotten a lot of things or don’t remember exactly how I did them, unfortunately.

After the disgusting GoT theme, which was done partly by ear and partly using notes I found on the interwebs, probably made by people who are at least as bad as me, I was even more discouraged than before from trying to cover songs that are not from games where I can extract the original notes and use them as reference. I made the Halloween theme completely by ear, but it sounds very simple and each simultaneously playing part is clearly audible, so it was no problem to figure out working notes. But I want to be able to cover songs even when I don’t have access to the original notes, so I guess I just have to practice that. A while ago, I watched Video Game Pianist’s stream for a minute, and he seemed to write down notes to a song by ear. And he wrote down chords of 4 notes. Without even touching the piano to hear how it would actually sound. How does one do that? I of course thought many times during the making of this cover that it will turn out horrible and I should make something from PMD 2 instead, where I can use the original notes as reference. This and everything I mentioned in the Cynthia description in addition to me thinking that, after the disappointing Beach Cave, the very simple Museum, Introducing Link Remastered which is not an 8-bit song and a long period of nothing, posting a bad joke cover is unacceptable. Fortunately, I posted Cynthia first, so there was at least something good after that time. I’m not completely happy with how Cynthia turned out but it’s alright.

For the main voice, I used (almost) no envelope and adjusted each note manually with effects like Axx, 3xx and 4xx to make it sound as close to the original voice singing the lyrics as possible. That was interesting at first, but also a lot of work that became boring quickly and made even repeating parts take a long time to finish. However, the result sounds really interesting, dynamic and naturally imperfect as every note is slightly different, instead of perfect identical boring sounds as usually with artificially created music. I also thought that the song has like three parts that keep repeating in different keys, but even aside from the changes due to singing imperfection and lyrics, there were many changes in each repetition that I never noticed before. It’s really interesting how one’s perception of a song changes after analysing it thoroughly for these covers.

To be able to hear the bass notes in the original song even with lots of other things playing or rather people singing at the same time, I had the idea to make higher frequencies quiet and lower frequencies loud in Audacity. After doing that, I could actually hear bass notes that I was completely unable to hear before (at least I think and hope that’s what I heared using that method), a pretty amazing result. I was mostly able to hear the notes of the secondary voice, the one that starts with "lalala", and finding fitting chords for the arpeggios was not difficult. The tertiary voice however, the one that starts with "YaY", was not that easy, as the notes weren’t always audible. I used dual-channel chords for that voice and I think they turned out alright, but I have no idea why, as fitting notes seemed irregularly and illogically, I just experimented and took what sounded good, within the limits of the key of course. Is that how music is made? But what about songs using notes that are not in the key or following seemingly no key at all?

What I was looking forward to the most was the drawn part. Firstly because I could just draw badly and it would be fine, secondly because I wanted to try drawing in the slutty anime shit style like Coldmirror, thirdly because I had the idea to make this wobbling effect by alternating two similar frames which I really like and which makes even still images look a lot more interesting just because there is some kind of movement and forthly because I wanted to put lots of fun references and easter eggs fitting to the lyrics in the drawings which I always love. Can you find and recognise everything? Probably not. It’s like Goethe’s Faust.

Actually starting the drawn part was very different. I’ve never intentionally drawn badly, I’m a perfectionist after all. I couldn’t even draw bad well. I kept redoing every line many times, as with my "good" art until it finally reached the quality "shit" and it took quite a long time to get used to drawing in this style and in addition so many things I’ve never drawn before. Once I got used to it, it was not so bad, though. And because I drew lots of wisible things, I was laughing a lot and had fun. Having to draw everything twice was not that fun but certainly educational. And it’s interesting how much faster the second time is because I already know how everything is supposed to look like, getting ideas into one’s head and the image from the imagination onto the canvas takes quite some time. For many sung words I immediately had a good idea of what to draw, some required more thought and a couple took a long time to finally get an acceptable idea. The Dark Shadows, coconut wood, fire wood and coconut trunk for example. Fortunately, Amarizo helped. I also improved some later. For example, "not a nut" was just the most boring and obvious thing possible instead of a great scene, "coco palm family" was just the same palm drawing four times, two parents and two children instead of a reference to the wisible and brilliant pice of art by @ayyk92 and "so many uses" originally had just a big diamond axe. Then I added the enchantment and inventory, and when it came to the skin, I wanted to draw the Link skin I used, but then had the much better idea to use the skin of my former best friend whom I played a lot of Minecraft with. I have many wonderful memories of my Minecraft era. I never liked the big PvP servers but I loved playing surival and building in survival and creative. The Minecraft and Ark erae were truly great times spent with great people. Dies irae, eo, is, it, imus, itis, eunt. Now I can proudly say that I am indeed capable of drawing stick figures, a skill not possessed by many.

The video editing took a lot longer than I expected as well. Firstly, I had to make almost everything for the FamiTracker parts from scratch as I not only used the for me uncommon MMC5 expansion with an uncommon channel combination but also additional effects columns, offsetting everything from my previous fideos. Putting in the hundreds of drawn frames also took many hours. Unfortunately, the cover has a speed of 133.33 BPM, made possible through an 80 Hz overclock in FamiTracker, which does not at all align with the 12 fps I used for the animation, or any other value possible for a 60 fps fideo. So the image changes are not perfectly aligned with the song but I did the best I could. Interestingly, if the note in question starts more than a quarter after a 12 fps frame change, it looks better to change the image at the next frame, having an offset of 3/4 of 12 fps instead of just 1/4, as apparently changing the image quite a bit later looks more synchronous than even a bit early. Or maybe I should have put my glasses on. Editing the lyrics was tedious and boring but editing the proper drawings was fun as, for the first time, I could see how they would look like animated, together with the music and in the finished product. Of course, in the first render there were two mistakes where the same frame was shown twice in succession instead of the alternate versions alternating. I hope I found and fixed all instances of this very much expected mistake.

Now, a month after finishing the song and a month of not hearing it, I think it turned out great. I’m not sure about the visuals, they seemed wisible and entertaining in my head but of course after spending many hours drawing and watching everything I’ve lost the ability to tell if it’s good. Listening to my previous covers now, I really like Aegis Cave, Canalave City, Celestial Tower, Snowpoint City and Cynthia; Halloween, Beach Cave, Museum and Ilia are alright and GoT, Exploration Team Theme and Spinda are not good or even disgusting. I think what bothers me about Cynthia is the sound of the main voice, I probably shouldn’t have used VRC6 exclusive pulse widths, I don’t really like the sound of most of them but there were so many instruments that I unfortunately did use them to create more unique 8-bit instruments. Maybe I should change that and see if I like it better. Otherwise, I love how it turned out. And I really like how Snowpoint City turned out. I was really worried that my idea to use arpeggios for almost everything would sound terrible, but it made it sound very different, unique and interesting. Also, I would really like to hear or see my things from the perspective of someone else just once. I wonder how different everything would seem.

Before reading the next paragraph: Think about my new intro. What do you think about it and what do you think it means? If it didn’t make sense to you yet, watch it again and pause at every action, analysing what it could mean. I would like to know if people can figure it out without me telling them. Write a comment if you like.

Another thing that made Coconut be published later is of course that I finally changed my name, profile picture, banner, intro and outro. The old intro and outro had an interesting concept but it doesn’t match my current drawing abilities and me presenting my stuff on a theatre stage just doesn’t fit to me at all. I thought months about a completely new concept that would be very short so it doesn’t annoy and waste time and that would be unique and fitting for me. My first idea was to base everything on a PC monitor with windows and icons on it and maybe sticky notes on it’s edges. It would start with the camera following a bump running through an ethernet cable and going into the monitor, representing the fideo being sent to the viewer. But I couldn’t really think of a full working version and the idea also seemed not personally fitting enough. I wanted something that somehow represents me, what I’m doing and why I’m doing it in a unique and very short way. I am, therefore I create. I create what I create because it gives me joy, it’s the meaning of my life. And I share it with others to hopefully give them some joy as well. That eventually gave me the idea of my Riolu smiling, signifying my joy in creating things, some kind of spark representing the joy going out from Riolu and going into someone else, representing you, who then also smiles upon receiving the joy going out from Riolu. As a whole, it shows everything I just mentioned, that I experience joy in making stuff and that I want to spread that joy to others.

In theory, I loved that idea but after Cynthia, when I put it into practice, I wasn’t sure what to think of the physical version, especially in respect of the integration of the spark of joy. But I couldn’t think of any other good-looking visual way to signify joy going out from one person to another. Do you have a better idea? Or is it good like this? When I showed it to Amarizo and Phoenixgamer (my brother’s creative new interwebs name), neither of them had an idea what it was supposed to mean, but after I told them to analyse every single action, they interpreted it correctly. Maybe it’s good to have an intro that has to be closely analysed before one can understand the meaning behind it. I like that idea. Also, what do you think of the dithered transition in the end? Also also, later I realised that it perfectly fits to the Ode to Joy, writing or singing about joy, the divine spark. And to a song we used to sing in primary school during religion lessons and which I had forgotten about for a long time, but I absolutely loved it and still do, both the lyrics and the music. It’s called "Ins Wasser fällt ein Stein", a stone is falling into the water. Apparently it’s a translation of an English song called "Pass it On". I found multiple different English lyrics online, all quite different from the German version and more focused on God. I’m not religious and neither is my family, I was only put in religion instead of ethics because my mum unfortunately said that ethics class is full of foreigners and Muslims. And religion is apparently mostly full of people who are also not religious, but are only there to get lots of presents and money during Christian initiation rituals, which I of course did not take part in. When I was older, I thought about switching despite my mum not wanting me to, but I had no idea what ethics was like and I was afraid of not being able to follow because I missed the previous years. But if I hadn’t been in religion class, I never would have known that song. The German version talks about things like a very small stone falling into the water, yet making wide circles, a very small spark starting bright flames, being together instead of divided and spreading love.

I didn’t have an idea of an outro that somehow fits to the second intro idea, so I had the separate idea to make it a simple 5-second overlay instead, with one fideo element removed to make room for the new special thanks. The idea is that it’s a transparent, short overlay that shows at the end while the song starts looping for a third time and fades out during those 5 seconds. This way, it’s integrated into the main part of the fideo, so people actually see it instead of stopping the fideo when it starts, but it also doesn’t obscure anything important as it’s transparent and it’s over the third loop, so everything shown has already been seen twice. For Developer Updates, it could show during the ending animation of the hero. I really like that idea, the only problem is in respect of the integration of the outro into music fideos that don’t loop, like this one. There is no repeating part that could fade out and have the outro on top of it. I considered transitioning to the yellow background from the start again, but then it would be completely separate from the main part which I want to avoid. Another question is what audio to play. Eventually, I left the last (2) frame(s) visible for another 5 seconds and put the outro on top of it with just the song’s bass melody fading out. I like the sound of basses and their melodies, being very different from the main voice and usually not payed attention to. And of course, my interesting triangle bass. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea however, as it might be confusing why a bass suddenly starts playing after the very climactic ending of the song. And I’m not sure if my brain came up with that idea by itself or if it stole it from the wonderful RockBomber, whose outros always play a part of the song again but with the main voice removed. I absolutely love that, it sounds so different and you can hear things that you never payed attention to or couldn’t even hear during the complete song. So, this implementation of the new outro is an exception. What do you think of it in general and do you have a better idea what to do when there is no looping or unimportant part to put it over?

Then there is of course also the jingle playing during the new intro. Did you recognise it? I hope not, because 31, I composed it myself. I actually have a folder with melodies that I came up with over time, this one being one of the recent ones and I immediately thought that I like it and want to use it as my new intro jingle. And I realised that "Have a wonderful day"™ would fit as lyrics, making it even more perfect. Adding more stuff to the bare main melody was quite fun. I actually started making multiple versions because I had the idea to make a different version for each fideo category, like how certain melodies are re-used in games. The one for Developer Updates is nearly done as well and I love how it sounds. That experience gave me a little more confidence to start making original songs. I really want to do that, the things discouraging me from doing so are of course that I’m afraid it will turn out horrible and that I always think the melodies I came up with are not actually new and my brain just put out something it already knew. But I love music and hearing certain songs makes me admire the composer for their brilliancy and want to do something similar as well. I learnt a lot from analysing songs for my covers and also just listening to my favourite songs more thoroughly since then. Maybe the time has come to expand into that area. I hope I can withstand the initial failures.

I also changed the thumbnail design a bit by removing the Corner™ and everything that is not the yellow background, blue text area, title text and image. The problem with the corner was that it took away space in the yellow area and having my profile picture in it meant that it would be outdated every time I change my profile picture. The 8-bit and other things in other thumbnails were also just taking up space and unneccessary. I always felt like I had to put as much information about the fideo into the thumbnail as possible, but fideo titles also exist, so I shouldn’t clutter the thumbnail with unimportant things that are in the title as well. And now that the category colour is in the title text as well and not just in the corner, I can remove it. There are also enough other unique things to the design that make it recognisable. At first, I thought it looks a bit empty now, looking at a collection of previous thumbnails in the original and new version, but now I think it looks better this way. I’ll change the Cynthia thumbnail as well now so you have a "proper" thumbnail to compare the styles. What do you prefer?

The new profile picture was supposed to be a smiling Riolu for the first time instead of an expressionless one, signifying my progress in life to more fulfilment (that word looks disgusting like this), joy and self-confidence. At first, I wanted to use the same style as before, but since I really love the style used in Cynthia, lineless flat low resolution, I used that instead. And while I of course spent many hours to change a pixel here and there that was not perfect, I’m as happy with the new profile picture as the Riolu depicted in it. There is no Link hat because it would distract from Riolu and because it’s incredibly hard to draw, I despise having to draw it and it always took the longest when I drew Link-Riolu. The intro is no exception.

Now that I’m writing about everything that’s on my mind I might as well tell the incredibly exciting tale behind my new name as well. For years, I’ve been wanting a unique and original name for myself. It had to be perfect, it had to sound like me. I thought a lot about it and visited name generating websites, but I found nothing good, so I changed my name to Link-Riolu to have something at least a little unique and because it fits to my profile picture. That’s what the file has always been named, since the very first version with the hat, I think. My quest for the Holy Name stopped, but a year ago, it continued. For months, I tried everything possible. The best thing would of course be an entirely new word, so I wrote down the alphabet and then picked out my favourite letters, both from the way the look and sound, in addition to letter combinations such as ph and ae. I especially love ph, so I really wanted the name to start like that. The end was never clear, however. I thought I don’t like names ending in "o", as they usually sound like a dull male brute. There are of course exceptions, like Amarizo, and it of course depends on what people you associate with a name. Before I knew Amarizo, I somehow had a similar opinion of his real name, I don’t even know where it came from since the only person of his name I knew before him was a classmate who was not like that either and who I didn’t really know. But since I know Amarizo, I love his name and my love for him has also made me love his name. Quite interesting. I also listed my favourite names and words from German, English, Latin and Greek. But I preferred an entirely new word. I have a very long list resulting from my name experiments, and I will probably use some of them for fictional characters. I looked some up to see if others are already using them, and almost all of them were in use. And almost all of them, at least on Twitter, by people who tweetet once in like 2011 and then never used it again. Unfortunate. But even with the ever expanding list, there was no name that immediately caught my eye, that immediately sounded like me. I guess it’s a matter of getting used to it. So, in January, I picked one of the ones I liked the best and set it as my nickname on my Discord server to see how I like it used in practice. I like it, but I’m not sure if it’s perfect and I’m afraid I might regret committing to this one because there could be a better one or because others might associate it with something negative. But it’s probably just a matter of getting used to, for everyone. Now that I renamed myself everywhere, that process will hopefully accelerate a bit.

The name "Phalio" is a creation purely out of letters and letter combinations I like. It starts with "ph", as I wanted. I eventually came across the endings "io", "rio" and "lio", of course partly from Riolu, and I liked them, even though I originally didn’t want an "o" at the end. But in these combinations it’s good. An "a" after the "ph" was also something I used in many names. And that’s how that name first came to be, somewhere in the middle of my long list, not regarded much by me at first. But later, I started to like it. "Pha" sounds like Pharaoh, like ancient Greece or Egypt, like knowledge, wisdom, books, mind, philosophy, spiritual, theory, worry, sadness, serious, old. "lio" sounds like happiness, free, enthusiastic, creativity, love, empathy, helpful, romantic, music, drawing, curiosity, satisfaction, joking, young. I’m probably already projecting, but that’s good because that makes the name be more my name.

The name is pronounced FAH-lee-oh, by the way. Is that how you would have pronounced it? Google translate sounds nearly like that, however, a text-to-speech site I use for 2fideos sometimes, makes it sound almost like failure. *PalpatineIronic.mov* Interestingly, Falio looks disgusting to me.

I think the very first time I registered online and used a name was on the site of a book series I read in like third grade, called "Drachenhof Feuerfels", dragon farm firerock. I wrote in the author couple’s guest book and even received an answer. But I used my real first name. The first nickname I chose for myself in 5th grade was CF, CF7 or CFseven, the initials of my name with a 7, since the English word "seven" was regarded as very hip and cool, or however the kidz these days call it. Fresh D would know. All the kidz at school called me CF and my interwebs name was CF7. On average, my family moved every 1.5 years and when I left that school, which was after my parents broke up, I changed from being quite extraverted for myself and being friends with and well known by everyone in class to very introverted and nobody knowing anything about me except for Amarizo, who became friends with me very quickly for some reason and fortunately, and people at that school didn’t call me CF. I still kept CF7 as my interwebs name for a long time, until apparently the second half of 2015, the beginning of the Ark era. I’ve been loving Zelda since I played Twilight Princess Wii when I was around 12, and I’ve been identifying with Link. Just as he was designed to be. So then, 2015, at least I think, I changed my name to Link. And I immediately liked it and identified with it, as I was used to it and bonded with it playing Zelda games. Of course, the name was already taken everywhere unless duplicate names are allowed, so I added a _GER. I also did that because, during my TF2 and Ark erae, I was typing and reading with people from all over the world for the first time and I was not that comfortable using the linugam angliam in situations like these. So I hoped that other Germans would see the GER and use German when talking to me instead. But eventually, as my English abilities improved thanks to Ark, I regretted letting people know that I’m German, having to read their absolutely dreadful grammar and articulation in German which makes it even more bad, I’m angry now, I want to kill them like in the old poet days, I want blood. I think I used an Internape image and several Link images as my profile picture before I switched to the neutral Riolu face from PMD2. My mum constantly told (and still tells) me that I have no emotions and never smile, and the latter is mostly true when I’m around her. So I identified with an expressionless Riolu, hiding his true self and emotions. Later, I recoloured it to yellow, of course disgustingly lowering the R and G values equally to get darker yellows as I had no idea of colour theory, and eventually added an even more disgustingly drawn Link hat, as that was still before my pixel art era really began. You know the story from there.

I won’t be going back to bi-weekly uploads just yet, unfortunately. Bi-weekly means every two weeks, bi-monthly every two months and bi-yearly every two years but bi-annually twice per year. Interesting. As you probably know by now, I finally want to make my website, as I’ve been wanting since I registered riolu.link 1,5 years ago. Just as I’ve been wanting to change my name, make a new intro and other stuff. But in the last weeks, I finally did a lot of said stuff, and now the time has come to make the website. I’ll never get it done otherwise. I’ll hurry and I’m looking forward to quite a few 8-bit covers and hopefully possibly originals. I considered making short and simple covers instead but I seem to be terrible at judging what an easy and quick cover is. This was supposed to be one and turned out to take nearly twice as long as the longest before. But there is also another problem: One of money. Currently, it looks like I need about 50 € more to be able to pay for my living expenses at the turn of the month. I guess I’ll have to try to open commissions, as I really like the new Pokémon icon style and maybe others like it too. I never wanted to do commissions for three reasons: Firstly, because I have more than enough own ideas. Secondly, because I want everything I do accessible for free and I don’t want to favour people who are in possession of the power of money. Thirdly of course because of my self-doubts. Why would anyone want to pay me to draw something for them? I would probably disappoint them. As I already said somewhere else, I can’t even keep up with my own expectations. But my self-confidence and abilities have improved and, as I said multiple times, I really like that style. But even that aside, would anyone even see that I take commissions? My fideos don’t get watched by many people either. And I don’t like to advertise myself. I’ve posted my fideos a couple of times in designated Discord server channels and two covers even on Reddit, but I just feel terrible for doing so. So I stopped. But if you have a spare Rupee and want a Pokémon Icon or need something else I can do such as video or image editing, I’d be happy to help. Also if you don’t have a spare Rupee.

Of course, I can’t end this concise description without mentioning another reason for the delay of this fideo’s completion. The murder of George Floyd and everything happening subsequently. What happened to him and of course the resulting loss to his family and friends is horrible, so is the same having happened and still happening to many others. And the many other horrible things happening in human societies. I’m spending a lot of time every day since then reading everything that’s happening during the protests. It’s incredible how much police violence I’ve seen and I didn’t expect so many of them being such brutal and obedient enforcers of one of the many social systems designed by those seeking power, as every system since an eternity seems to have been. It’s sad and disheartening to see anyone who doesn’t understand that we are all just humans. The same, yet different. Equal in species, emotions, basic needs and worth, in other words, life. Yet diverse and individual in personality, appearance, desires and abilities. We are the same and different, it might be a paradox, but in this universe, there are always multiple sides that are true. This seems to be as natural to newborns as it is to me, as young children are apparently altruistic and don’t treat others like slaves because their skin has a different colour or burn them because their hair is red and they weigh the same as a duck.

Apparently, all the bad things dominating our societies like hate, greed, racism and sexism, in other words, division of any kind, that we learn in school is a major part of human nature and therefore we must live in perpetual dominance of a few people who can control the "animal" in themselves and in all of us, are acquired later in life and not inherent. For quite some time, I’ve been asking myself: Will that ever change? Will we ever get closer to what we interestingly call "humane"? Are we better off than when we were ruled by kings, in Roman and Greek societies, and in earlier times? Or have the names changed but the general structures always remained the same? Thousands of years ago and probably much earlier as well, people and have been asking themselves these questions. But while many things have remained the same, we certainly do have improved in some ways. Most importantly of course the interwebs. Being able to access the knowledge of all of human kind easily, at any time and from anywhere and to communicate with everyone, realising that the person in the other corner of the four-dimensional hypercube we call Earth is a human just like ourselves and constantly being virtually surrounded by people from all over the world in places like Twitter, comment sections and online games might just be what we need in order to overcome what has been dominating human societies for so long. Of course, one of the most important questions is: Have societies always been like this and if not, what have they been like before and what caused the change? What caused the hate, traumata, division and competitiveness passed on to every new generation by the one before and that those who understand them exploit for their own desires for power? I don’t know the answers, yet. But I do believe in the good in everyone and that we can interrupt this process, that we can change into a society based on love and altruism, self-governance and individual freedom where everyone is not just completely different or just completely the same, but both at the same time.

Even if humanity will overcome this eventually, it seems like an incredibly slow process. So little change in years, decades, centuries and milennia. It also seemed to me as if history was only written in school books, in black and white and from times before reality could be immortilised in realistic two-dimensional depictions, but this year, so much has already happened and who knows how much is yet to come? Maybe the protests around the world happening now will be what is needed in addition to the interwebs to end racism, police brutality and every other form of division and injustice plagueing humanity anywhere in the world. I hope so. Or does this have two sides as well and it will bring changes that are good as well as ones that are bad? The interwebs bring humanity incredibly positive things, but with unlimited information and freedom to share everything with the world of course also come unlimited wrong information, more to understand than one ever will be to understand and of course the ability to deny access to everything the interwebs allow. But also the freedom to find out what is right and wrong instead of having to believe someone else. Just because a positive change also allows negative things, we shouldn’t discard that change. We have to trust the individual to know what’s best for them. We have to accept the possibility of negative things to overcome them. Or can we overcome them? There is no light without the dark. Is there also no love without hate, racism, sexism and powerful people torturing children, powerful solely through everyone else letting them exert power over them, or are these comparisons just as wrong as the need for strong leaders? There certainly is no love if we look away from the horrible things in our world and let them happen. It’s time to re-think everything that has been thought to be absolute in the past and get creative if we want actual change. And whatever happens, we have to keep doing our best to make this world a better place. Every tiny spark brightens the love in our world. People can change, and so can society. Let us humans become humane. It’s what we’re meant to be.

👆 Lɪɴᴋs
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🕒 Exᴘᴇɴᴅɪᴛᴜʀᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴛɪᴍᴇ
124.34 hours total
Song: 41.64 h
Drawing: 67.9 h
Video editing (drawn frames): 9.12 h
Video editing (FamiTracker parts): 5.68 h

💾 Pʀᴏɢʀᴀᴍᴍᴇs ᴜsᴇᴅ
8-bit audio production: FamiTracker http://famitracker.com/
Pixel art: Aseprite https://www.aseprite.org/
Video editing: DaVinvi Resolve https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/
Screen recording: OBS Studio https://obsproject.com/

🎵 Mᴜsɪᴄ ᴜsᴇᴅ
Original song: Smokey Mountain – Da Coconut Nut https://youtu.be/w0AOGeqOnFY https://youtu.be/PD7eIZQWl4Y