[8-Bit] Celestial Tower, Dragonspiral Tower | Pokémon Black/White

Don’t be sad when thinking of those who passed on. Instead, remember them with a smile.

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📒 Mʏ Tʜᴏᴜɢʜᴛs
After Canalave City, I finally started learning HTML and CSS. Though I didn’t get that far, I dont’t know why. I guess partly because I had to waste a lot of time to research, think about and do something for the two baby tortoises my mum apparently spontaneously bought but that’s a different story. My plan was to spend one week learning web development stuff and the next week making the next fideo. I was listening to music when I was learning and Dragonspiral Tower started playing. Why not cover that next, I thought, it sounds great and rather simple. Then again, I felt guilty for choosing a song that is simpler and shorter. After all, everything I do has to be better than last time.

This time, I used a whole frame for each part instead of two frames. That makes them rather long instead of nearly screen-sized but it has it’s advantages. For the violin plucking sounds, I thought from the beginning that it would be great to use arpeggios. It was harder than I thought, though, I spent a very long time re-doing that part over and over again with different envelopes and arpeggio notes and speeds but nothing sounded the way I wanted it. Eventually, I found arpeggios that sound acceptable and instead of quickly fading the volume out via an envelope, I used the Axx effect. That way, the channel volume and envelope volume don’t get multiplied, causing the fade to be the same length at full or mininal channel volume, but instead they fade out relative to their volume with quieter notes fading out quicker. Initially, I wanted to exactly control the volume ticks so that each arpeggio would end on it’s highest note but I think the Axx-method is better. The result still doesn’t sound nearly as good as I imagined it but it’s good enough, I guess. The original bass sounds very rough and overmodulated. I tried replicating this with a "0 -4" arpeggio envelope and it sounds quite interesting but unfortunately, with everything else playing and especially at lower notes it’s not really audible.

I also learned that, in the frame editor, just like in the instrument editor, I should always give a channel’s frame the same number as the global frame number, except when a frame is used multiple times. In this case, frame 3 and 4 in pulse 1 were the same and I used frame number 3 for both of them and continued with 4 in frame 5. Later however, frame 4 received a single-channel echo while frame 3 still had a dual-channel echo, meaning that they now had to be different. And it of course looks ugly and confusing to use frame number 6 between 3 and 4, so I moved the channel contents by one frame to make everything nicely ordered. Having more stuff in a single frame also meant that cutting and pasting frame contents is a bit quicker.

At the end, I once again had to change the channel volumes a lot. I changed every single volume value in multiple channels multiple times. That is of course very annoying, I wish to report a burglary, I mean I WISH THAT one could use the increase and decrease note hotkeys for the volume column as well. At least, for repeating volume patterns, copying and pasting them was easier as the longer frames didn’t split the song up as much as before.

The majority of the time, I thought this cover will turn out terrible and I very much considered scrapping it but I was also desperate because I had less than a week of time left and there was no way I could do another song in time, like Beach Cave which is planned to be next (I can’t wait!). I felt very bad, had a lot of self-doubts and hated the cover. I don’t even know why it was suddenly this bad, there was no rational reason except that the song is a bit simpler and shorter. Now I think the result turned out just as good as the covers since Snowpoint City and I like it a lot. Maybe it had something to do with my strong feelings of guilt regarding the tortoises coupled with working on a sad song.

Concerning the drawing, I realised that the dark greyish blue in the NES colour palette looks kind of like a dark grey and it certainly looks better than using the 50 % brightness grey which is the darkest grey to colour dark grey or black things. I’m so glad I finally solved the biggest problem I had with the palette. I think black things are commonly coloured in a dark greyish blue when they have to be a bit lighter. Also, in the end I realised that Oshawott is a bit too small. They are supposed to be 0.5 m tall but I didn’t want to bother or have time to draw Oshawott again.

Drawing the drawing took very long, mostly because I have almost no experience drawing humans. I can draw a Riolu nicely and comparatively quickly now but, just like it still was not even a year ago with Riolu, I have no idea how to draw humans and thus it takes many hours and ctrl-z presses to eventually reach the quality "shit" which was also very demotivating. But 8-bit covers and drawing Riolu are no problem anymore and fun, so I just have to keep doing it. The background was frustrating as well, firstly the many vanishing point lines were annoying and secondly, the tower’s walls have pillars and between them bricks. Drawing those bricks perspectively perfectly would have been a nightmare so I didn’t want to do it but without them the background looked plain and boring. Maybe that would be a good thing because that way it doesn’t distract from the main focus of the scene but I decided to dither it to give it at least some texture, just like when I became desperate in terms of the integration of the cave background into the Aegis Cave drawing.

When I started the last and theoretically most fun part, decorating the gravestones, it was already late Friday night and my brain was half asleep, so it was difficult to think of creative things that are worthy of the person. I think I spent multiple hours trying to come up with worthy people and reading stuff about them to get ideas for worthy and creative decorations. Amarizo fortunately helped. Coincidentally, while I was reading about Satoru Iwata, very sad PMD 2 music started playing and I had to crumple a pair of tiny tears. Also, when I remembered Terry Jones talking about dead bodies in his court and wanted to watch the scene to see if I can find something to put on his gravestone (I couldn’t find it on YouTube), I read Netflix’s episode descriptions but there was nothing about that court sketch, so eventually I just clicked on a random episode. Coincidentally, when it started playing, my cursor was placed on the time bar at the bottom and a preview image of the time it was pointing at was showing. And coincidentally, I saw the court sketch. I guess, Terry came down from the light entertainment division in the sky to guide me so I wouldn’t have to get even less sleep. That was most attentive of you, Sir.

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🕒 Exᴘᴇɴᴅɪᴛᴜʀᴇ ᴏꜰ ᴛɪᴍᴇ
38.9 hours total
Song: 10.10 h
Drawing: 25.85 h
Editing: 2.63 h
Thumbnail: 0.31 h

💾 Pʀᴏɢʀᴀᴍᴍᴇs ᴜsᴇᴅ
8-bit audio production: FamiTracker http://famitracker.com/
Pixel art: Aseprite https://www.aseprite.org/
Video editing: DaVinvi Resolve https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/
Extracting music from game: VGMTrans https://github.com/vgmtrans/vgmtrans/releases
Midi editor: MidiEditor https://github.com/markusschwenk/midieditor/releases
Screen recording: OBS Studio https://obsproject.com/

🎵 Mᴜsɪᴄ ᴜsᴇᴅ
Original song: Pokémon Black/White – Celestial Tower, Dragonspiral Tower https://youtu.be/tIq9OPtWO-E
[8-Bit] The Legend of Zelda – Overworld Theme https://youtu.be/qc1RTNB6Rwc
[8-Bit] The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess – Ilia’s Theme https://youtu.be/IWw9-V1yJtk