Disabling Lossy Windows Wallpaper Compression

To the Windows users out there who utilise the wallpaper functionality: The other day, it came to my mind again that Windows doesn’t simply display the image(s) you specified on the desktop but makes a compressed copy of them in a different location. If you didn’t know that and you want to see the original quality on the desktop instead of a disgusting lossy bootleg, you can use the hacker tool, also, known as registry, sometimes, to set the import quality to 100 %. This only affects images you set as wallpaper from that point on, so don’t forget to re-set your wallpaper image(s) after changing the setting.


And don’t forget that uploading a fideo on YT that involves this so-called “registry” gets your account removed, even if you’re one of the first YT partners from the early YT days.