Under Construction

This is just a placeholder. I’ll start making the proper site after the next fideo. Or will I?

It might not have seemed like it in the past years since this placeholder went online, but I really care about this website and I want to make it my primary home on the interwebs. A digital embodiment of my mind. A virtual representation of my self. And I sense its inception approaching. I plan to actually seriously really dew it after the DP opening. There are so many things I’ve been holding back because I want to put them here.

Properly named links to actually useful pages: Music, Pixel Art, Poots, Tech, Links

I have a snake next door in regard of the order of Link of the integration of Zelda into the percent calculator. One fideo is hanging next to pixel art, like you and me, so small and yellow. Patchnotes are falling off the tree like a description, or like a bird knocking on our door. Zelda-Kirlia and Link-Riolu always say "Phalio" when there is an opera on Linux.